Support Packages

Let us take the stress out of managing your website

If tech isn’t your thing, we can perform all those vital tasks but uninspiring tasks for you such as backups, updates, and security, so that you can focus on your zone of genius with complete peace of mind.

We have a few support options available to you as described below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers that you may find useful…

Why do I need to update the theme?

It is necessary for security purposes, as well as new features that come with theme updates.

Why do I need to keep WordPress up to date?

This is also for security reasons but they also include new features to help make customising the website easier.

Why do I need my images optimised?

We do this to reduce the memory that is being taken up by images which increases the loading speed of your website.

Why do I need to pay attention to my Internet Security?

To prevent your website from being infected which leads to the site becoming inaccessible on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. We will deal with the internet security of your site ensuring that your site remains clear of viruses and other malware.

What is a backup?

This takes a copy of your site so that if a worst case scenario were to happen and your site went down, there would be access to a backup to return it to the condition it was in at the time of the backup. This is to help keep peace of mind to know that your site is always safe.

As part of our service, we will store your three most recent backups by default, but we can store more if requested. The backups will still be taken according to the schedule of your selected plan.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of attempting to improve search engine rankings. Our report will inform you of your progress being made climbing the ranks of search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

Why do I need to update plugins?

Plugins need to be updated for security purposes and to make sure they are compatible with each other and the theme.

Why do I need to know my visitor stats?

Knowing your visitor stats will help you to gauge the popularity of your website over time. We will let you know how many times your site has been visited as well as how many people have visited your site.

Why do I need to check for broken links?

This is done to make sure that when someone clicks on any links or buttons on your website, they get to the correct destination rather than an error page.

When would I need you to liaise with my hosting company?

Whenever there is an issue with your site that requires cooperation from your hosting company we will work with them to find a solution to your problem.

Why would I need to restore a backup?

In the event that the worst case scenario happens and your site breaks for whatever reason. With our Backup Restoration we will restore the site from a backup for your so you don’t have to do any of the hard work.

What do I get with "Help Me"?

If you experience any technical issues or need help with an aspect of your website that you don’t understand, we will be available to help you.